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Chocolate and Sloths Sanctuary Tour

Chocolate and Sloths Sanctuary Tour

Cocoa was very important in the economy of our indigenous tribes, its seeds were used as currency, nowadays they are used for the production of chocolate and other products throughout the world.

Costa Rica provides the perfect conditions for cocoa production. During this tour about the production and elaboration of chocolate in the hands of a local producer family.
Also during the tour you’ll be also able to see and learn about different fruits, medicinal and ornamental plants, but meet one of the most feared insects in the world, “Bullet Ants”.
Then we will go for a well deserved lunch and finally we will visit the sloths Santuary, where you can observe them and learn about their behavior, in their natural environment, also we will see red eyed tree frogs and other species of animals. 


  • walking or hiking shoes
  • binoculars
  • swimming suit

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